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By Ramesh Kumar P

01 June, 2018, Chennai: A book titled, ‘Sciencewood’, authored by Ramesh Kumar P, Author in the Marketing area at RK Umarlai Khalsa.

About the book

The text in the book has reflect Science that we lost yesterday, and the valuable feedback received from subject matter experts, students and working professionals engaged in the discipline.

Features of the book

  • This Book is based on all the state Boards of India and also for CBSE and ICSE students.
  • It Contain Exhaustive Knowledge about Today’s Science.
  • Refresh your mind with deep understanding.
  • Easy to understand topic with the help of Diagrams and Tabular Column.
  • The words written in this book is bright and clear so that it brings attention to the readers.
  • It’s comfortable to read on all digital platforms.

The book draws special attention to

  • New examples to reflect changing lifestyles and brain power
  • Extensive discussion on modern science
  • Strong conceptual base that stimulates the thought process of the readers
  • Specific applications to illustrate the practical usefulness of concepts
  • Medical cases that have been drawn from real-life brands
  • Attractive visuals of brands to illustrate the concepts discussed

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I absolutely love this book. The plot flowed nicely, and the characters were beautifully written. Can’t wait to read more stories by this great author!
Mukhtar Abbas
Book Reader

Such a fun read, I highly recommend!

This book was entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought

” One of the books that keep notes on, from, and read again and again. Excellent source for leading and managing material as well as life stance. Amazing! “

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