Book by Ramesh Kumar P

Thoughts become Quotes Series-1

By Ramesh Kumar P

01 June 2020, Chennai: A book titled, “Thoughts become Quotes” by Ramesh Kumar P, Author in the marketing area at Ramesh Kumar P & Co.

Thoughts become Quotes Book

The quotes in the book have reflected rapid changes in the Indian cultures and corruption, and the valuable feedback received from the general public who express their issues, students and working professionals from India.

Topic covered in the book

  • Issues relating to the given index are briefly explained in this book
  • People behaviour and their intention expressed
  • Political purpose and their effect are mentioned in this book
  • Indian vast cultures are briefly explained
  • Boys and girls aim of love and their need with a deep understanding

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Ramesh Kumar P also called Ramaya by its nickname was born on 01st June 2001 at Umarlai Khalsa in Rajasthan. He obtained his bachelor's degree in commerce from Madras University through Jayagovind Harigopal Agarwal Agarsen College. He is known for his first book called ''Thoughts become Quotes'' which was published in the year 2020.

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